Baptism of Jesus 2021

Baptism is God’s declaration of love for me. This Love remains at my side; it never forsakes me no matter what happens to me or around me; it takes care of me without being ashamed of me. Jesus begs John the Baptist, and each one of us, to allow him to remain at our side,…

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Epiphany of the Lord 2021

I like to think of today’s Feast, the Epiphany, as a homage to restlessness. The Magi are restless individuals. Their lives can be described by verbs like: to depart, to abandon, to leave, to embark, to undertake, to venture, to doubt. They are adventurous people because they don’t see anything as certain. They are not…

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Mary, Mother of God 2021

Today we celebrate Mary as Mother of God. But her greatness does not lie in this. Instead, it lies in her readiness to embrace God’s work within her. What makes a creature great is the ability to recognize him/herself as a “field” in which God can work. Mary, who is “blessed among all women,” a…

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Christmas 2020

What is Christmas for us if not a fresh awareness that we must unite ourselves more and more to the God who dwells within us, enabling us to make him present–to incarnate him–in the world. We celebrate Christmas to the degree that our life becomes a sacrament of God, who has expanded his…

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Baptism of the Lord 2020

Let It Be So

Jesus gets in line with the sinners on the banks of the Jordan, revealing in a definitive way that God is unequivocally “God with us,” that is, the Love that says to me: I am on your side. I am for you, in your favor. I am with you just as you are right now… Read more »

Epiphany of the Lord 2020

Open-Ended Anticipation

True intelligence is not closed in the asphyxiating circle of reality, but instead leaves a window open to the impossible. A person’s happiness does not lie in answers, in contentment–even about the things of God. Instead, it lies in search, in restlessness, in dissatisfaction, because if we think we have found God, if we think… Read more »

Feast of the Holy Family 2019


Joseph is commanded stop dreaming and wake up: “Get up!” His dream corresponds to the dream of God, which is to awaken human beings from their somnolent state. It is necessary to live life, not just dream about it. Joseph wakes up and responds to the divine summons not with words but with his flesh: with deeds and in truth

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Feast of Mary, Mother of God 2019

  Treasure Your Story Mary treasured all these words in her heart (Lk. 2:19). Perhaps you too have had occasion to treasure in your heart mysterious words you heard, events that were not very clear, unforgettable encounters, or else vibrant memories that yielded new meaning, gave rise to a fresh way of seeing things and prompted… Read more »