Window on Communications

Religious Life and the New Media: Being in Relation or Being Connected?

Religious life always mirrors the changes taking place in society. Religious communities are microcosms within which people who enter it bring with them all the baggage they acquired prior to their entrance, but also all the material received from contact with the outside world. In this way, the religious community finds itself managing all the… Read more »

From the “Crowd of Solitudes” to the Technologies of Community

Usually, we think of the media–above all the digital and social media–from the perspective of a weakening of bonds. As André Caron and Letizia Caronia pointed out a few years ago in a good book: if two people go out to dinner and each one has their own cell phone, then in fact it is… Read more »

Social Webs: Not Cobwebs But Networks

From Like to Amen. The Message for the 53rd World Communications Day is a wake-up call that invites us to discard the logic of like and welcome the logic of the truth because relationships are not founded on emotions or ideals but on who a person truly is. “We are members one of another” (Eph…. Read more »

Does the “digital person” really pay scant heed to the spirit?

The Internet is not like a system of water or gas lines. Nor is it a mass of cables, wires, tablets, cell phones and computers. It would be a mistake to identify the Internet and its use with the technological infrastructure that makes connection possible. Today the Web is, above all in its mobile form,… Read more »

Virtual and Real: An Anthropological Change?

The technological achievements of the Net and of bioelectronics are producing social and economic upheavals on the worldwide level. Technology is influencing the evolution of culture by means of changes that also involve the human being’s conception of him/ herself. Today’s technological culture tends to reduce the human being to a mechanical corporeality or to… Read more »

The Language of Hate Is Poisoning the Net

A growing number of Net users are expressing themselves with aggressive language, which is becoming a communicative style in contemporary society. Immediately amplified by the Net, hate language is by now passively accepted or considered “normal” by almost half of the Net’s users, according to an SWG research. The Net is reproducing more and more… Read more »

52nd World Communications Day: To Become a Land and a Country

In the book The Moon and the Bonfires by Cesare Pavese, an Italian writer and poet, the protagonist–an orphan–closes his eyes to see if, upon reopening them, the world before him has disappeared and been replaced by a better one. Perhaps many of us have done the same thing at one time or another. And… Read more »