Today I go to the bookshop


Oggi vado in libreria [Today I go to the bookshop] is the title of a new series of online links to Pauline bookshops scattered throughout Italy. A amusing tour to get to know the booksellers, sisters and lay collaborators, who offer the coordinates for finding your way around the bookshops, reading suggestions and curiosities about the city. An opportunity to present a space of service to the diocesan Church and the territory, and also to discover a corner of the world through the characteristics of the cities visited. In addition, with great simplicity and just as much passion, the various aspects of the service offered were highlighted, made up of attention to customers and content to be promoted, first and foremost the word of God. In particular, each of them presented a book or a CD from the Pauline production, focusing attention on a theme and a formative proposal.

The meetings can be found on the Paoline Facebook Page and on the Paoline YouTube channel.