Fourth Sunday of Lent 2018


The Grammar of Lent


 Starting with Life…   

Every day we face new situations. Every day we have choices to make. Some situations seem to be heavier than others to bear; sometimes we find it hard to decide in what direction to move.

We could find ourselves faced with obstacles we didn’t create and are unable to remove. Perhaps we feel enslaved by the opinions and judgments of others. At times we might feel obliged to do what they expect of us, even if our choices do not make us happy.

Then there are our fears, either real or imaginary, which bring us to a standstill and prevent us from moving forward.

We all say we want to be liberated from the things that enslave us but at times this is not true because we know that freedom necessarily involves effort.


 Listening to the Word…   

Israel’s whole history is one of liberation: God rescues his people from slavery in Egypt so that they can enter into a relationship of love with him. God liberates us so that we can travel toward a land in which we will be completely happy.

Liberation is an exodus from ourselves–a journey that involves leaving behind our sinful situations.

Jesus wants to liberate each and every one of us from our maladies, our fears, our inability to recognize what is truly good for us. Our journey entails striving for the truth to the point that we are able to look into our own hearts with compassion.


 Where can we find the word “liberty/freedom” in the Bible?   

Isaiah 61:1:

The spirit of the Lord has sent me
to proclaim liberty to the captives.

2 Corinthians 3:17:

The Lord is the Spirit,
and where the Spirit of the Lord is,
there is freedom.


 For reflection:    

• What do you want the Lord to free you from?
• What liberation journey is the Lord proposing to you at this point in your life?

Gaetano Piccolo SJ.