Sunday of Lent 2018

Fifth Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Death  Starting with Life…    Death is the moment of supreme detachment; the moment in which we are called to hand back our life to the One from whom we received it. But death is not restricted to our final moment here on earth; it accompanies us throughout our life. We… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Liberation  Starting with Life…    Every day we face new situations. Every day we have choices to make. Some situations seem to be heavier than others to bear; sometimes we find it hard to decide in what direction to move. We could find ourselves faced with obstacles we didn’t create and… Read more »

Third Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Word  Starting with Life…    There is a very close relationship between the way we communicate and the way we love: some people choose silence over words, others use a violent tone of voice, while still others select their words with care. If we pay attention to how we communicate in… Read more »

Second Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Son  Starting with Life…    The word son makes us think of relationships. We are always the children of someone. We are never completely detached from the world. To be a son or daughter is a vocation: we are always called to share our life with someone else. We are sons… Read more »

First Sunday of Lent 2018

The Grammar of Lent Possibilities  Starting with Life…    The word possibility rouses both hopes and fears in us. If something is possible, it means that the situation facing us has not reached a definitive conclusion. But it is also true that if something is possible, then we must make the commitment to concretizing those… Read more »