Communications Week and Festival 2019


To highlight the importance of World Communications Day, the Society of St. Paul and Daughters of St. Paul of Italy hold a Communications Week and Festival every year.

Throughout Italy, a series of pastoral and cultural initiatives are organized (conventions, contests, workshops, activities in our Pauline book centers, video programs, musical and theater performances and much more–all enriched by the participation of journalists, communication operators, and well-known personalities from the ecclesiastical, artistic and entertainment worlds.

Great attention is focused on the school environment: in fact, teachers, students and parents become the protagonists in contests with specific themes, games and creative workshops; they participate in performances and video programs, and are encouraged to help produce “happy books,” videos and magazines. And all this because communication involves dialogue, listening, innovation and creativity.

The Communications Festival programmed in collaboration with the Chioggia/Venice diocese was held from 17 May–2 June.