First Sunday of Lent 2019

  Dt. 26:4-10; Ps. 90; Rm. 10:8-13; Lk. 4:1-13 Put to the Test To be tempted means to be tested. In this regard, a verse from the Book of Sirach is very illuminating: “My child, if you aspire to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for an ordeal. Be sincere of heart, be steadfast. Do not… Read more »

The Lord entered her

Saint Ephrem, Hymn De Nativitate 11: 6-8)

The Lord entered her and became a servant; he Word entered her, and became silent within her; thunder entered her and his voice was still; the Shepherd of all entered her; he became a Lamb in her, and came forth bleating. The belly of your Mother changed the order of things, O you who order… Read more »

Feast of Mary, Mother of God 2019

  Treasure Your Story Mary treasured all these words in her heart (Lk. 2:19). Perhaps you too have had occasion to treasure in your heart mysterious words you heard, events that were not very clear, unforgettable encounters, or else vibrant memories that yielded new meaning, gave rise to a fresh way of seeing things and prompted… Read more »

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2018

  Race Along the Paths of the World Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste (Lk. 1:39). Perhaps you too have found yourself racing to joyously welcome a special person without thinking about the obstacles in your way. The heart does not stop when faced with possible bottlenecks and steep ascents… Read more »

Third Sunday of Advent 2018

  GIVE THE BEST OF YOURSELF Whoever has two cloaks should share with the person who has none (Lk. 3:11). Perhaps you too have tried to find the nicest gift possible for a person who is particularly close to your heart: a special, unique, original gift–in short, one that is worthy of the situation and… Read more »

Second Sunday of Advent 2018

Perhaps you too are searching for the profound meaning of history, of the events that you are living, of the persons you meet, of the paths you are following, of the emotions you feel, of the contradictions you endure, of the future you dream about. The Gospel of this Second Sunday of Advent offers us …

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First Sunday of Advent 2018

Let Your Heart Fly!

Perhaps you too have gone through times when you have felt heavy-hearted, weighed down by sadness, pain or disappointment, or else tossed about by worry, fatigue or the lack of profound relationships that give meaning and a future to life. When one’s heart is weighed down, it hurts! If we are heavy-hearted, then we are…

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To us Christ is all!

Saint Ambrose

To us Christ is all! If you have a wound to heal, he is the doctor; if you are parched by fever, he is the spring; if you are oppressed by injustice, he is justice; if you are in need of help, he is strength; if you fear death, he is life; if you desire… Read more »