Palm Sunday 2023



The crowds spread their cloaks on the road,
while others cut branches from the trees and strewed them along the route.

We must return to loving our roads:
those roads that enable us to take steps towards Life;
those roads that offer possibilities for relationships;
those roads that savor and anticipate the promise of a place to stay.

We must return to loving our roads:
those roads that have seen us grow, make mistakes, fall down and get back up again;
those roads that are clear and open, reassuring us that the route is safe;
those roads that will continue to direct footsteps long after we are gone.

We need to get back to loving our roads:
those roads that taste of dust and mystery;
those roads that cry poverty and whisper loneliness;
those roads that you, Lord, constantly used when you took on flesh
so as to walk in the midst of disoriented humanity.

That day the crowds spread their cloaks,
for it is stupendous to know that God wants to walk with us.
But on Calvary they will divide his garments. That kind of love is scary.

We want to accompany you, Lord, along the road you took
to enter Jerusalem, a prophecy of the paschal salvation that
has been flowing through the veins of the world ever since.
We want to enter Jerusalem with you,
an incredible message of hope for all the “Jerusalems” of the world.

We must return to the road because that is where you are waiting for us.
May our walk follow more and more faithfully in your footsteps.
And may our yearning to meet you yield the fruit of love
because it will be an encounter with you, our Brother, and with ourselves.

Fr. Alessandro Deho'