Easter 2019

Letter of Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General

Dearest Sisters, I think that these lines from a poetic composition by our sister, Sr. Annamaria Galliano, are a beautiful gift on this day of the Resurrection, in which the love of Christ possesses and envelops us (cf. 2 Co. 5:14), giving us wings of flame…. With love and tenderness, we would like to make… Read more »

But what use is it to fast…

But what use is it to fast and abstain from eating meat if with your wickedness all you do is to gnaw at your brother? What do you gain in God’s eyes from not eating your own food if later, acting unfairly, you snatch from their hands the food of the poor? Saint Gregory of… Read more »

Does the “digital person” really pay scant heed to the spirit?

The Internet is not like a system of water or gas lines. Nor is it a mass of cables, wires, tablets, cell phones and computers. It would be a mistake to identify the Internet and its use with the technological infrastructure that makes connection possible. Today the Web is, above all in its mobile form,… Read more »

Memorial of M. Thecla’s birth to heaven

Letter of Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan

Dearest Sisters, As we prepare to celebrate the 55th anniversary of M. Thecla’s birth to heaven, I think it would be wonderful to take a look at our Mother so as to learn from her, feel her close to us, and receive light and encouragement from her experience. Maestra Thecla was a woman capable of …

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Letter of Christmas 2018

Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General

Dearest Sisters, At Christmas, everything speaks of birth and new beginnings…. Christmas is a salvation event that can sprout shoots of new life, renewed fruitfulness and holiness. A single melody pervades the night of the Incarnation and the morning of Easter: the announcement of great joy, the fulfillment of God’s promise.

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Virtual and Real: An Anthropological Change?

The technological achievements of the Net and of bioelectronics are producing social and economic upheavals on the worldwide level. Technology is influencing the evolution of culture by means of changes that also involve the human being’s conception of him/ herself. Today’s technological culture tends to reduce the human being to a mechanical corporeality or to… Read more »

If you are healthy and rich…

Saint Gregory Nazianzus

If you are healthy and rich alleviate the need of whoever is sick and poor; if you have not fallen, go to the aid of whoever has fallen and lives in suffering; if you are glad, comfort whoever is sad; if you are fortunate, help whoever is smitten with misfortune. Give God proof of your… Read more »

Feast of the Divine Master 2018

Letter of Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan, Superior General

Dearest Sisters, Preparations for our 11th General Chapter are intensifying by means of the Delegation Meetings and Provincial Chapters that will be taking place on different dates up to mid-February 2019. We now have in our hands the Draft of the Work Instrument on which these important encounters will concentrate their reflections and discernments.

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