Seven encounters with Jesus


In the joyful setting of Easter Monday, 5 April 2021, more than 100 Daughters of St Paul from all over the world met for an online meeting to greet and get to know each other in anticipation of the start of the online biblical itinerary: Seven encounters with Jesus, organised by the Biblical Animation Team of the International Secretariat of Spirituality.

The day on which we celebrate the Risen Lord’s meeting with Mary of Magdala, the apostle of the apostles, was the most propitious to bring together those who have signed up for this journey of reading, study and prayer on the Gospel according to Mark, which came about in the context of the Year of the Bible called for by the Pauline Family, with the aim of helping the fsp to:

to grow in love with the Word, joyfully rediscovering its vocational and apostolic power;
to acquire a method for living the Word in daily life;
to animate lectio divina meetings in the community and with external groups.

After the interventions of Sr Anna Caiazza, superior general, and Sr Micaela Pae, general counsellor for Spirituality, the biblical animators who conceived this experience took the floor: Sr Francesca Pratillo, Sr Anna Matikova and Sr Emma Min.

The microphone was then passed to the participants, in a symphony of voices and cultures united by the desire to approach Sacred Scripture in an ever more vital way. The participants were very moved and grateful for the opportunity to follow these meetings, which will take place from April to the beginning of June 2021.