Radio Veritas in Bengali Celebrates its 40th Birthday


“Over the past 40 years, Radio Veritas Asia in the Bengali language has offered listeners what is most important: direct and indirect preaching of the Gospel and Christian values.” This is what Fr. Augustine Bulbul Rebeiro, director of the Christian Communication Center (CCC) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Bangladesh in Dhaka, said to Fides News Agency when the national Catholic radio station celebrated its 40th “birthday” in December 2020.

When it was launched, the programs broadcast by Radio Veritas in Bengali could simply be listened to, but now audiences can listen to, view and read them. In fact, in addition to its radio programs, the station also produces and posts videos on Facebook and YouTube in Bengali, the national language of Bangladesh and the main language of the state of West Bengal in neighboring India.

The station’s listeners say that this Catholic radio service in their own language has been a big help to them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Radio Veritas in Bengali is part of Radio Veritas Asia, a network established in 1969, with headquarters in Manila, under the guidance of the Office for Social Communications of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, a collegial body of Catholic Bishops in Asia.