Offering the Bible to Prisoners


As a concrete gesture of love for the Word of God, the group of Pauline Cooperators of Goiania decided to launch a project that would enable them to donate a Bible to every inmate in the city prison. The Cooperators presented this initiative with enthusiasm and prophetic thrust in various parishes and the result was that more than 200 Bibles poured in. Each gift Bible was accompanied by a message for the recipient by the person making the gift.

The Bibles were given to the prison’s Pastoral Coordinators in a Eucharistic Celebration held in the FSP Book Center in Goiania. The celebrant of the Liturgy voiced his sincere thanks to all the participants in the project and imparted a special blessing to each of the donors.

The initiative aroused great enthusiasm among our Pauline collaborators and piqued the interest of many people and parishes. In fact, the same group of collaborators wants to repeat the project later this year, this time targeting as recipients of the Word of God people who live on the most extreme margins of society.