Christmas 2019



The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ. Thus begins the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus of Nazareth is pointed out as the new birth of the human being–the re-creation of the entire created world.

The long list of names from Abraham to Jesus is divided into three parts, telling us that God was incarnated in human history through the life stories of concrete men and women. The generations from Abraham to Jesus number 3 x 14 (or 6 x 7), equaling 42. With Jesus, the firstborn of a large group of brothers and sisters, the story of God’s Promise reaches 7 x 7 (perfection, fulfillment). In biblical numerology, seven is in fact the number of perfection, understood as completion. The number six, instead, refers to the incomplete human being, who, as such, is called to reach rest (totality, fulfillment) in seven. Let us remember that, according to the Book of Genesis, human beings were created on the sixth day. Human history is therefore incomplete: it is in continual evolution. It will reach 7 x 7 (fullness, perfection) if it is founded on Jesus, the beginning of a new generation of brothers and sisters: the generation that puts into play the gift of self, the sharing of one’s goods and of all that is good, and a love that endures to the very end.

From the book: Ogni storia è storia sacra by Paolo Scquizzato, FSP Editions 2019

I have made a covenant with my chosen one; I have sworn to David my servant: I will make your dynasty stand forever and establish your throne through all ages.
(Psalm 89: 4-5)