Catechetical Animations


To celebrate the Pauline Bible Year, Paulines Publications Africa organized formation meetings for catechists on the theme: The Bible and Catechesis. The animations were held in the dioceses of Maralal, Isiolo and Marsabit–three of the poorest and most marginalized Kenyan dioceses. Due to economic problems, catechists here lack the essential tools they need for their work of evangelization.

Paulines Publications Africa, with the help of South Korea’s Overseas Bible Outreach: Spread the Word program, funded a project to help ensure that, in addition to animation sessions, the catechists would be provided with catechetical resources and Bibles. The bishops of these dioceses run by the Consolata Missionaries were very grateful for the support they received from the FSPs and their benefactors. We assure our sisters of our prayerful support for their unceasing commitment to evangelization.