Apostolic Planning During the Pandemic


In order to address the pandemic crisis and offer support to people in search of hope, the FSPs of Korea have been concentrating in a special way on the apostolic possibilities of the digital world. Striving to foster the prayer life of social network users, they have produced several videos: on prayer, the Way of the Cross, moments with young people, and biblical/spiritual readings.

In keeping with this orientation, the circumscription’s Special Task Force Planning Team (TF), composed of members of its Mission, Media, Spirituality, Education and Internet Bookshop sectors, recently prepared two new online programs:

Online School of Faith for Adults: a four-week course meant to serve as a springboard for launching people into a life of faith. The content of the course is drawn from two FSP books.
Pauline Online Book Club: a reading forum designed for social network users, in which participants can share their reflections and deepen personal experiences, taking advantage of the content of various FSP publications.