A Rereading of the Gospel of Mark


On 5 April 2022, our sisters of the Pauline International Media Center in Via Mascherino, Rome, hosted a presentation of a new FSP publication: A Rereading of the Gospel of Mark by Luigino Bruni, an Italian professor and economist.

Moderating the session was Eugenia Scotti, a writer and conductor for Italy’s TV2000 channel. Also there for the occasion were the author himself and Andrea Monda, director of L’Osservatore Romano.

The book, which is a spiritual re-examination of the first Gospel of the New Testament, draws the reader into the author’s dialogue with the evangelist Mark and the book’s protagonists. The text combines a careful attention to detail with the passion of a writer enthusiastic about his subject. Styled as an interview, the author asks the protagonists questions and listens to their answers, taking advantage of the various literary forms used by Mark in his Gospel: prose, poetry and prayer.