A Joyful Return to the Community


We are delighted to share with you the message sent to us by our Pakistani postulants: Dashi, Rabishna, Maria and Tomsina, who say:

“We are grateful first of all to the Lord for the trust and assistance he gave to our families, friends, the Daughters of St. Paul and ourselves, protecting us from the danger and negative effects of Covid-19. In communion with the whole world suffering from the pandemic, we too experienced the fear, struggle, helplessness and anguish of the Pakistani people and our families, who courageously faced and lived through the difficult moments on their path.

“We spent almost five months at home with our loved ones, trying to make good use of our time, enjoy the company of our dear ones, learn to cook and encourage everyone to pray without losing hope and faith. But at the same time we felt deeply powerless and even a little discouraged in the face of this problem, so much bigger than any of us. Despite this period intense family life, we missed our community with its atmosphere of prayer and apostolate.

“The day we received the news that we could return to the community of Lahore, our joy was so great that there were no words to express it. We are grateful to Jesus Master, to Mary Queen of Apostles, to our formators and to all the sisters, for inviting us to resume our formation journey. Our heartfelt thanks once again to the Lord for making this return to our religious family possible.”