A book … set aside for prisoners


The Pauline Book centre in Brescia, in collaboration with the magazine Missione Oggi [Mission Today] and the Associazione Progetto Vangelo [Gospel Project Association], is launching a solidarity initiative for the whole period of Lent.

The idea of a book for prisoners works like the caffè sospeso {coffee for …] in Naples: in the Neapolitan city, people go to a bar, have a coffee and pay for two coffees, giving the second one to someone in need. In the case of the book set aside, you go into the Pauline Book centre, buy an extra book and leave it in a special container, remembering to write a dedication! Prison staff and chaplains will then collect the donated books and hand them over to the inmates.

A book can help those in prison to escape – even if only for a short time – from the harsh reality of life in which they find themselves, and to identify with what they are reading. A book can help you find your way back. A book can change your life.