Vatican: webinar on the challenge of new media and digital platforms


The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences promoted, starting on 12 May, a three-day online event on the theme Changing media in a changing world, involving media scholars, philosophers, anthropologists and economists. These days of reflection analysed the challenge for man and society posed by the new digital communication platforms, which, as the preparatory document of the online conference states, “can influence decisions for good and evil, justice and injustice, truth and lies”.

Indeed, these new media offer ‘the opportunity to disseminate information and galvanise action around good causes and can enable citizens to monitor government actions for the common good, but they can also be used to disseminate malicious content and propaganda’. One of the topics of discussion was also the need “to establish ethical regulations appropriate to these new goals, in favour of objective values, the common good, the integral development of people, social inclusion, the preservation of the planet and peace”.