Vatican Radio turns 90


On 12 February Vatican Radio celebrated its 90th anniversary. During these decades the Holy See’s radio station has lived and commented on epochal moments in world history. It began broadcasting on 12 February 1931, the day on which Pope Pius XI’s first radio message to all peoples was transmitted with the famous announcement “Hear, O heavens…”.

The broadcaster’s mission was clear: to be an instrument at the service of the Pope to bring the hope of the Gospel and the voice of the successor of Peter to the whole world.

Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Dicastery for Communication, explains: “What we are celebrating is a story that has spanned practically the whole of the 20th century;  it is the prospect of a missionary future founded on the gentle power of the word spoken and heard.
On the occasion of the anniversary, a new website is being launched and with it web radio, which will allow anyone in the world, from their smartphone or computer, to listen to Vatican Radio in their own language. Every language on the radio, with its own programme schedule, strengthening the bond with our listeners”.