Theme for World Communications Day 2022


The theme Pope Francis has chosen for the 56th Day of World Communications is Listen! In a statement released by the Vatican announcing the theme, the Holy Father asks the world of communications to learn to listen again: “The pandemic has affected and wounded everyone, and everyone needs to be heard and comforted. Listening is also fundamental for good information. The search for truth begins with listening. And so does witnessing through the means of social communication. Every dialogue, every relationship begins with listening. For this reason, in order to grow, including professionally, as communicators, we need to relearn to listen a lot.”

“Jesus himself asks us to pay attention to how we listen,” the Pope’s statement concludes. “In order to truly do this, Christians need courage and hearts that are free and open, without prejudices. In this time, when the whole Church is invited to prepare to be a synodal Church, we are all encouraged to rediscover listening as essential for good communication.”