Theme for the 55th World Day of Social Communications


“Come and see(Jn 1,46). Communicating, encountering people as and where they are is the theme that Pope Francis has chosen for the 55th World Day of Social Communications which will be celebrated in 16 May 2021. We read in the statement from the Press Office of the Holy See that the words of the Apostle Philip are central to the Gospel: “The Christian proclamation, before words, is made up of looks, testimonies, experiences, encounters, closeness. In a word, life. In the epochal change we are experiencing, in a time that obliges us to social distance due to the pandemic, communication can make possible the closeness that is necessary to recognize what is essential, and to understand truly the meaning of things. We do not know the truth if we do not experience it,” continues the statement, “if we do not meet people, if we do not participate in their joys and sorrows. The old saying ‘God meets you where you are’, can be a guide for those engaged in media or communications work in the Church. In the call of the first disciples, with Jesus who went to encounter them and to invite them to follow Him, we also see the invitation to use all media, in all their forms, to reach people as they are and where they live.”