The Giffoni Film Festival Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary


The original program of the 2020 Giffoni Children’s Film Festival included a series of initiatives set to begin as early as this past February. But Covid-19 obliged Festival planners to divide their calendar into three parts, distributing over the course of the whole year the films and events dedicated to #Giffoni50. The first part of the Festival was held from 16-31 July.

During this annual event, children and teens from all over the world watch the movies sent in for the film contest, learn about the filmmaking process, judge the entries submitted and award the best ones with prizes. In faithful compliance with health regulations, the 2,000+ young people who usually attend the Festival have been reduced to 100 this year, representing millions of Italian and foreign jurors. Also planned is the presentation of a video that will cover the main stages of the Festival’s development over the past 50 years, with a focus on the testimonies of past jurors and many Italian and international guests and talents.

The long journey, the organizers explain, will also serve to remember and thank the many people who have contributed, bit by bit, to the development and growth of the Festival–an event that began in a small Italian community and has now attained highly-acclaimed international dimensions.