The Economy of Pope Francis: For a Better World


About 1,000 young people gathered at Assisi from 22-24 September for the international meeting of the Pope’s 2019 initiative aimed at a renewal of the economy in favor of the poor, the common good and the care of creation.

The protagonists of the event– young economists, entrepreneurs and researchers–came from all over the world.

Subdivided into “thematic villages,” they confronted and discussed 12 topics inspired by the issues posed by the encyclicals Laudato si’ and Fratelli Tutti. The topics were chosen by combining concepts from the economic world with those more closely related to social issues, such as “Energy and Poverty,” “Finance and Humanity,” “Agriculture and Justice” and “Management and Giving.”

At the end of his address to the participants, the Pontiff was presented with a “covenant” that he and the young people signed together, to commit themselves in a personal and collective way to this journey toward an “economy with soul” that leaves no one behind.