Talitha Kum Battles Human Trafficking


Talitha Kum is an international organization of Catholic nuns founded by the International Union of Women Superiors General in 2009 to combat the trafficking and exploitation of human beings, victims who, according to the United Nations, are more than 72 percent women and girls, and one-third of whom are minors. Considered a Catholic charity, it works through fifty-five networks formed by Catholic, nongovernmental, governmental and intergovernmental partners based in 92 countries around the world and involves 792 religious congregations, nearly 92% of which are women.

In its latest report, Talitha Kum states that in 2021 it reached 336,958 people, of whom 167,396 were in Africa, 91,266 in the Americas, 35,824 in Asia, 24,189 in Europe, and 18,283 in Oceania. The organization treated a total of 19,993 trafficking victims and survivors. Of these, 13,404 received material, psychological and economic support (medical care, legal and bureaucratic assistance, training courses, etc.), primarily via shelters and safe houses that provided the victims with assistance until they were able to return to their own countries.