Mission near the border of Afghanistan

We wish to share this letter received from Pakistan which describes the missionary courage of the Daughters of St. Paul in this Muslim country which is among the most populous in the world: “With joy we want to share this information about our apostolic and vocational mission in the parishes of three towns, on the… Read more »

Apostle of Jesus Christ

Sr. Magdaline Ishaq

Looking back on the story of my vocation and the abundant blessings I have received in my 25 years as a Daughter of St. Paul, it comes spontaneously to me to praise and thank the Lord for allowing me to participate in the Pauline mission in Pakistan, bringing Jesus to the people through the specific… Read more »

52 Years in Pakistan

Elisabetta Riboni, fsp

Right after I made my perpetual profession in 1962, I was assigned to the community of Ravenna, Italy. It was a small community made up of four sisters. I worked in the book center and was happy there. One day I received a letter from Maestra Ignazia Balla, who was the Superior General at that… Read more »

I chose to say yes to God–always!

Ida Porrino, fsp

I was born in Montegrosso d’Asti, Italy. My father was a farmer and I was the sixth of his eight children.  Why did I choose to enter the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Paul? One day two FSPs visited my parish and I saw that they were very spontaneous and full of enthusiasm. They… Read more »