Sr. Myriam Castelli: “Commander”


By a Decree of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Sr. Myriam Castelli, fsp, a journalist and television host, received the honorary title of “Commander of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy.”

Sr. Myriam has to her credit almost forty years of experience as a journalist and twenty as a television host. Italians around the world recognize her face everywhere, appreciate the qualities and spiritual strength that distinguish her, and admire her sweet and clear way of communicating–an exceptional charisma capable of penetrating consciences, giving a soul to actions, inspiring thoughts of peace and harmony, and above all giving meaning to existence.

“I dedicate this honor to all the Italians in the world,” said Sr. Myriam upon the bestowal of the title, “and I want to express to them my immense gratitude, overflowing with esteem and affection.”

The Italian community worldwide greeted the news of the bestowal of this honor with great joy, considering it a well-deserved recognition of Sister Myriam’s witness to the values of faith, culture, commitment and dedication to the cause of Italians living abroad. All agree in saying that she is “an emigrant among emigrants, a special woman for all of us who follow the RAI television program Cristianità,” which she hosts every Sunday.

The bestowal ceremony took place in the Prefecture of Rome on 14 June as an extension of Italy’s celebration of Republic Day (2 June). The honorific title was bestowed on fifteen people representing various areas of service to civil society including entrepreneurs, economists, doctors, university professors, professionals and communication operators–all united by officially recognized merits.