Courses on the Word of God


The Daughters of St. Paul of Mumbai recently conducted two Bible courses aimed at enriching the minds and hearts of seekers of the truth by permitting the Word of God to permeate the participants and give impetus to their spiritual journey.

The courses, entitled Growing with God’s Word and Encountering God’s Word, offered a structured approach to the study of Scripture, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern challenges, and providing relevant and self-transforming perspectives for spiritual growth.

The study of the Old Testament was conducted in a rich historical context, revealing the foundations of the Faith and showing the nature of God’s promises. Explanations of the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament led everyone to a deeper understanding of love and compassion. The structured approach, combined with the communal learning experience, created an environment conducive to personal and spiritual development, offering not only knowledge but also inspiration from the collective wisdom of the participants. The courses not only broadened the sisters’ knowledge of the Word but also provided them with practical insights for dealing with the challenges and joys of daily life.