Religion Today Film Festival 2021


Nomads in Faith is the title of the 24th edition of the Religion Today Film Festival, which was held in Trent, Italy, from 22-29 September 2021. In an attempt to bring hope to people after the past two difficult years of the pandemic, this edition of the Festival explored the theme of searching for God and drawing closer to him and to others from the perspective of travel/journeying. Out of the more than 1400 films submitted, 83 of them, representing 36 different countries, were selected to participate in the competition. The films were divided into five categories: documentary, short documentary, feature film, short film and animation. The artistic director of the event, Andrea Morghen, said: “Focusing on nomadism is very significant at this time in history because it prompts us to reflect more profoundly on who we are, on our limitations, and above all on the importance of relationships.”