Hong Kong
Proclaiming the Good News of Christmas in Mongkok


A week before Christmas, a group of Pauline Cooperators, together with Sr. Grace Lee, fsp, stood at various street corners in Mongkok, a busy shopping area in Kowloon, Hong Kong, to bring the Good News of Christmas to passersby, offering everyone small plastic bags containing a Christmas card, two book markers and a holy picture.

In this creative and personal way, they sought to break the barrier of indifference and fixation on the commercial aspect of the season and remind people that Christ is born anew in every person who opens his/her heart to him. The apostolic experience brought home to our evangelizers that Christmas is still a little-understood event to many people, who think of it as simply a generic holiday or a break from school. But here and there our cooperators met individuals ready to welcome the Lord who comes.

These people willingly accepted the small bags offered by our Pauline evangelizers, expressed their gratitude and even asked questions about the meaning of Christmas. Sr. Grace and her collaborators distributed 1,000 little bags that day and returned home content that for at least a few of the city’s 6 million inhabitants the Christmas star had illuminated the sky above Hong Kong.