Pauline Bookshop renovated in Daegu


There are 15 Pauline Book Centres throughout Korea. Among them, the Daegu Book Centre has been, since its inception in 1972, a place of meeting, prayer and support for the whole archdiocese. Thanks to God’s providence and the intuition of Fr Peter Damiano SOHN Ki-cheol, director of Jeonin Hospital, some years ago, work of renovating and modernising the old building.

Fr Peter Damian took a great interest in the Pauline apostolate and generously supported the community. Every time he visited the book centre, he was very sorry to see that some spaces were not being used. He suggested reorganising the Centre to increase its activities and the display of publications. Knowing a couple from Daniel KIM Young-soo who wanted to donate the inheritance left by Agnes’ late mother BAEK Sun-ah) for a good work, he encouraged them to donate the sum to renovate and reorganise the Pauline Book centre in the city.

In addition to this donation, Archbishop Thaddeus CHO Hwan-kil has allowed offerings to be collected for this cause in the parishes of the archdiocese. At the same time, many people, from acquaintances to co-workers, from primary school students to the elderly, have personally provided generous help.

The Pauline Book Centre in Daegu now offers a number of interesting programmes such as –School of faith, Bible Study, Formation to prayer, Lessons on cultural spirituality, Eucharistic Adoration, Confessions, Concerts, Theatre, Exhibitions, etc.

Best wishes to the community of Daegu and to all the sisters of Korea. May the Lord make the seeds of good sown in this generous land bear fruit.