Literature Festival


The 23rd edition of Italy’s annual Mantua Literature Festival focused on the theme Space of Thought Against Trivialization. The program included over 300 appointments with storytellers, essayists and other guest speakers. At the center of the event were issues related to the Mediterranean, to Europe and to the movement of peoples, but a lot of attention was also given to Jewish culture and science. This edition of the Festival featured important moments in which writers from all genres spoke out against simplification, stereotypes and disinformation. “Having voices that come from different parts of the world offers everyone a more in-depth picture on issues that are often reduced to slogans,” explained Luca Nicolini, a bookseller for forty years and president of the event’s organization committee. The annual Festival is a great agorà of thought in which the public can refine its critical sense by listening to input from both well-affirmed and newly-emerging personalities in all the fields of literature.