Happy Birthday, World Wide Web!


The World Wide Web is celebrating its 30th birthday. On 12 March 1989, physicist Tim Berners Lee presented an essay to CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland, proposing the theoretical basis of a computer network that would allow computers throughout the world to interact with one another. The first web site was launched in 1991 and since then the Internet has exploded, opening the door to a new way of communicating, obtaining information, working, inventing.

Today, however, these doors are still closed to many. According to the latest research of the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4Ai), being connected remains literally a dream for two billion people in the world because it is out of their economic reach or because there are no technological investments in the countries in which they live. The poorest and most affected are women, while the biggest concern for connected users is security and privacy.