Frignano Dedicates a Street and Park to Blessed James Alberione

Not long ago, a Pauline Cooperator asked the Town Hall of Frignano (a town near Naples) to dedicate a street and a small park to Blessed James Alberione.
The proposal was accepted and the Daughters of St. Paul prepared for the event by carrying out an intensive 4-day mission centered on the parable of the ?sower and the seed? to illustrate how Fr. Alberione sowed the Word of God abundantly through all the instruments of communication.
Every corner of the local parish (which numbers 8,000 members), resounded with the invitation to be ?good soil? that welcomes the Word and helps it bear fruit. The mission culminated in the dedication ceremony, attended by religious, civil and military authorities, numerous representatives of the Pauline Family and a huge crowd of local people.
The unveiling of the new street sign and the bust of Blessed James Alberione was accompanied by fireworks, lively music from a local band and the release of many balloons.
In his speech, the mayor said: ?You have thanked me for this event, but I am the one who should be thanking you because you have given me the chance to pay homage to an extraordinary person who is still unknown to many people?a future saint to whom everyone can turn for help.
From today on, Frignano has ?something more?: the protection of Blessed James Alberione, who I am sure will reawaken the public conscience and incite everyone to work better and harder for the common good.?