FESPACO Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary


The Pan-African Film Festival (FESPACO), which takes place annually in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, brings together all the main actors in African cinema. The international visibility of the event has allowed many young African directors to make themselves known throughout the world.

This year, to celebrate the Festival’s 50th anniversary, the theme was Cinema at the Service of the Development of African Countries. FESPACO is an important channel of expression, formation, communication and development of the African continent at all levels.

Recognizing that all means are good for promoting evangelization and for working for the integral development of the continent, the Catholic Church in Africa does not want to remain unknown to such an important cultural event, which touches the life and well-being of the African people.

In fact, the Catholics of the continent promote and support FESPACO because its ideals agree with those at the heart of the Church’s evangelizing mission.