Easter 2020

Letter of Sr. Anna Caiazza, Superior General


Dearest Sisters and young women in formation,

“Christ, my hope, is risen!” This is the joyful cry that the Easter Sequence places on the lips of Mary of Magdala. From the empty tomb on Easter morning, we continue to hear today the invitation to not fear because “Death and Life have fought a stupendous battle.” And Life has won; it has triumphed forever!

When we are tempted to stop at the tombstone of our fears; when what is happening–including this terrible pandemic, which is striking near and far–makes us think that the days of the Passion are not over, let us remember that we, apostles of the Risen One, have been entrusted with the task of communicating through every means and language the good news that dawn is coming, that signs of death are giving way to signs of life, that the future is full of hope–a hope that emanates from an empty tomb and invites us to look at the groans of creation as birth pangs (cf. Rm. 8:22) generating a new world, a better humanity: one that does not get lost in trivial things, that does not think only of what is lacking but of the good that can be done[1], finally aware of our need for one another.

May the Lord give us the gift of living as resurrected persons, so as to be “a ray of light that dissipates the darkness; a ray of light that comes from the Tabernacle; a ray of the light of the Gospel”[2] (Fr. Alberione), and that consequently sows traces of resurrection.

Dearest, together with the sisters of the General Government, I want to wish each and every one of you a luminous Easter, brimming over with joy and hope. Please offer our best wishes to your families, your collaborators and the members of the Pauline Family.

With deep affection.

Sr. Anna Caiazza
and the Sisters of the General Government


[1] Cf. Pope Francis, Palm Sunday homily.
[2] Considerate la vostra vocazione [CVV] 235.