Earth Day 2022


Earth Day is the day when we focus on the environment and the preservation of planet Earth. The United Nations celebrates this event every year on 22 April, one month and one day after the spring equinox. Celebration of the Day aims to involve as many nations as possible and presently 193 countries take part in this event.

Founded on 4 October 1969 as a university movement to emphasize the need for conservation of the earth’s natural resources, Earth Day has become, over the years, an educational and informational event. Ecological groups use it as an opportunity to assess the planet’s problems: air, water and soil pollution, the destruction of ecosystems, the thousands of plants and animal species that are disappearing, and the depletion of non-renewable resources (coal, oil, natural gas).

With the passing of time, Earth Day has become an opportunity for world leaders to discuss common strategies and concrete measures to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.