Communicators of Peace Award


At its 6th Congress held in Panama from 12-14 July 2022, SIGNIS of Latin America and the Caribbean awarded the Communicators of Peace Award to Sr. Helena Corazza of the Daughters of St. Paul, Brazil. This award is given to “communicators committed to promoting the exercise of citizenship, the development of peoples and to contributing to peace-building on the continent.” Sr. Helena has a doctorate in Communication Sciences, is a professor of Communications Education, the coordinator of a Postgraduate Course in Communications, and is a researcher in the area of communications and education. She has dedicated her life to communications, transforming it into a pedagogical tool aimed at bringing about genuine social change. The author of books and articles on communications, including from the perspective of education and pastoral care, she is an advocate for rights and justice on behalf of the most marginalized members of her country–her ongoing commitment strongly guided by ethics.

Sr. Helena, who received the award with surprise and gratitude, said: “There is a ‘we’ in this award: we Signis, we Pascom (pastoral work with communications), we Paulines, because, as a Daughter of St. Paul, my vocation and mission is to serve the Church in the field of communications by using it for evangelization.”