China: Over 22,000 Baptisms on Easter Sunday


Fides News Agency reports that 22,104 catechumens were baptized on Easter Sunday in China. The data was collected by the Study Center of Faith, located in the country’s Hebei province. The newly-baptized, 75% of whom are adults, belong to 101 dioceses.

Sr. Li Guo Shuang of the Study Center says: “Some dioceses and communities were not able to turn in their data because they had problems contacting us so the figures are not complete and could increase.” In evaluating the statistics, it should also be kept in mind that not all catechumens in China are baptized on Easter Sunday. The testimony of a catechist from the Ba Meng diocese (Inner Mongolia) can provide us with a key for interpreting this data: “Evangelization is not something impossible but it calls for strong convictions, solid preparation and an adequate formation to the Faith.”