A Bible Festival Colored by Today’s Situation


This year a special online edition of the Bible Festival was organized so that, in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the Festival could still put ordinary people in touch with the Word of God and answer their questions about it.

The idea to hold an annual Bible Festival was born 16 years ago as an inspiration of the diocese of Vicenza and the Society of St. Paul, and the initiative is still in the vanguard today because it brings the Scriptures to public squares and other secular contexts so as to revitalize them through the lens of culture and read the Word of God in the light of the contemporary world situation. The Festival does not focus attention on Sacred Scripture as a book of faith and absolute truth. Instead, it centers attention on the content of the Bible so as to answer or provoke questions concerning the contemporary world.

Because of the Covid-19 emergency, this year’s Bible Festival offered its loyal audiences a rich program of online initiatives in which they could meet, listen to, question and meditate with the many guest speakers and animators involved in this Special Edition, which does not replace the customary and irreplaceable live event, as its organizers emphasized.

The Festival’s website,, offers material pertaining to the various initiatives held throughout the month of May, starting from the theme of logos (to speak, to think, to act), addressed and updated in the light of this particular time of difficulty and disorientation that everyone is currently facing. The input of the guest speakers was subdivided into three categories: The School of Thinking, Meditations and The Words of the Bible, each of which gave online followers the chance to interact with the speakers.