90 Years of FSP Presence in Palermo


The Daughters of St. Paul arrived in Palermo from far-away Alba on 28 November 1929, sent by our Founders, Fr. Alberione and Maestra Thecla, to initiate the “apostolate of the good press.” They began their mission in simplicity and poverty–“from Bethlehem,” as Fr. Alberione always said.

Many of the citizens of Palermo joyfully participated in the Eucharistic Celebration held in the book center to commemorate this occasion, which gave them the chance to express their affection and esteem for the sisters and their appreciation of the FSP presence in their city. Our sisters write: “This benevolence, besides being very heartwarming, encourages us to continue our service with commitment, firmly convinced that the Pauline charism will never ‘grow old’ because it is always attentive to the Word of God and to the human capacity to invent ever-new ways of communicating. The thousands of ‘faces’ of our Pauline activity throughout the world bear witness to our Institute’s passion for the Gospel, God’s Good News. For these 90 years, replete with miracles and countless graces, our hearts overflow with thanksgiving: to the land of Sicily, to the city of Palermo, to all its pastors, and to our many friends and collaborators here.”