2010 ?Golden Anniversary of Paoline COMEP

A celebration in the Basilica of Our Lady of Aparecida on March 6, launched the celebration of 50 years of the recording house Paoline-COMEP. Begun in March 1960, as Pauline Records, in a mini-studio in the house of the Pauline Sisters in Curitiba, it was soon transferred to San Paolo and in 1984 it adopted the trademark ?Paoline-COMEP?. The record label, with its musical editions had one of the most modern and sophisticated recording studios in São Paulo. Today, the catalog has more than 550 titles. Its history is intimately tied to the history of popular music in Brazil and in Latin America.
The first recording artist of Paoline-COMEP is Fr. Zezinho, SCJ, with more than 3.5 million of his records sold. In 50 years of activity there have been, however, dozens of composers and singers who have collaborated with us. In the last ten years, many young artists and groups have started their careers with us.
The productions and on-line offerings of Paoline-COMEP are principally geared to catechetical formation and liturgical songs, but proposals from fans of music, popular and instrumental, are not lacking. We intend to renew our repertoire?s style, seeking a younger audience. Paoline-COMEP already in 2007 has opened the doors to pop rock. Congratulations to the staff of Paoline-COMEP!