10th Anniversary of Radio Natividad


The diocese of San Cristobal, Venezuela, launched Radio Natividad ten year ago, offering listeners programs centered on catechesis, reflections on a variety of subjects, sermons and Lectio Divina by Bishop Mario Moronta, who said in a recent testimony: “We use radio to evangelize and to spread the message of God to countless people, many of whom need the love and consolation of the Lord especially in this moment of crisis.

The work of this broadcasting station is significant because it brings people hope and strength in the midst of the current pandemic, in continuity with the mission it has already been carrying out for many years due to the difficulties generated by the profound economic and political crises in which our country is immersed.

Radio Natividad’s 10 years of evangelization have been a great blessing for the Church because, through its ministry, the Word of God and Christian formation have reached even the most distant parts of the country. The station also brings people the message of Pope Francis, whose words of encouragement and support are always a comfort and blessing to everyone.