This Contest was an opportune occasion to remember and relive today
the experience of the Pact that in the course of our history
has enabled us to work true miracles of holiness,
apostolate and vocations.


the following circumscriptions:
Brazil, Korea, Colombia-Ecuador, East Africa, PMPT, India, Italy, Madagascar, Mexico

The jury

Fabio Bolzetta, journalist and host of TV2000, Italy
Ulysses Navarro, ssp / Teresa Braccio, fsp / Daniela Son, fsp
Maria Lucia Kim, fsp / Shalimar Rubia, fsp

The three winners

A Great “Father” and a Small “Child”
The Pact
The Fsp Juniors’ Secret of Success

Ranking of the first 9 videos

A Great “Father” and a Small “Child”

Community of Daegu, Korea

The jury’s reasons for this choice

The video presents the theme in an original and convincing way. It proposes a new and unique look at the Pact, presented with creativity and inventiveness, with particular attention to images and photography. The idea’s originality, the immediacy of the video’s message and the harmonization of its graphics develop the theme in a modern and realistic style, using simple and direct language that draws attention to the creative power of simplicity. The video’s irony, sensitive story line and the delicacy of its designs lead the viewer to seek the good. It is a kind of “advertisement” for teaching the Pact in the contemporary world and fostering relationships between generations.

The Pact

Community of Bandra, India

The jury’s reasons for this choice

Faithful to the subject of the Pact, the video immediately launches into the theme by constructing a story that generates both adhesion and surprise. The video is rendered captivating by the logical presentation of its story line, narrated in a very appealing way. The video is an excellent example of team work. Everything is centered on the good quality of the product. A further creative contribution is the realization of an original soundtrack created specifically for the video.

The Fsp Juniors’ Secret of Success

The group of Juniors, Philippines

The jury’s reasons for this choice

It is a well-produced video on the levels of testimony on the part of the protagonists (the FSP Juniors), setting and photography. The video transmits a positive and “sunny” message through good-quality character definition and representation of the different contexts in which the protagonists express themselves. There is no pretext of a symbolic representation of the theme; instead the video offers a testimony that deepens, explains and involves the viewer in a communication that rings with authenticity and draws its power from experience, from the essentiality of the means of expression, and from an outlook that is neither trite nor stereotyped.

4th Places

Live - O Segredo de Êxito

The Group of Juniors, Brazil

4th Places

Del Like al Amén

Sr. Sandra Maria Restrepo J., Colombia

6th Place

Il Patto nell’era digitale

Sr. Pina Riccieri and Sr. Veronica Bernasconi, Italy

7th Place

Whatever you ask in my name – The Pact

Paulines Audiovisuals Africa, Kenya

8th Place

The Pact between us…

Sr. M. Parichat Jullamonthon, Thailand

9th Place

Experiencia del Pacto en mi vida

Sr. Julia Karina de la Paz Hernández Yáñez, Mexico