Online Prayer Meeting for Peace and Solidarity in Manipur


The world is aware of the atrocities committed in Manipur State, India, due to ethnic and/or religious prejudices. Thousands of tribal people have been displaced and are living in fear, while hundreds have been mercilessly killed. Several Daughters of St. Paul come from this State and their relatives and friends are suffering greatly because of the persecution. Throughout India, at different levels, Catholics, Christians of all denominations, and even sensitive people of other Faiths have organized demonstrations and peace meetings to protest the lack of an effective response to this situation on the part of the State government.

Some Daughters of St. Paul, who were on mission in this area when the conflict broke out, organized an online prayer meeting for peace and solidarity. Lay people, priests and religious from different parts of India and the world participated in the event. Three renowned speakers explained the background of the conflict and why the clashing groups are unable to live in peace with one another. They offered possible solutions to restoring peace to this part of the world.

Several months have now gone by, but ways to improve relations among the conflicting parties have not emerged. The tribal people of the area seem to have lost their land definitively because there is no sign of effective intervention by the local authorities to ensure that the victims will receive justice. Let us continue to pray fervently for these suffering people and for the whole Pauline Family in Manipur.