Let us pray for Venezuela

Letter of Superior General


Bogota, 30 July 2017

Dearest Sisters,

In just a few hours I will be leaving Colombia, together with Sr. Clarice and Sr. Karen, but before I do I want to make an urgent appeal to all of you, asking all our communities to pray incessantly to God, our good Father, for martyred Venezuela, for that dear people who for some time now have been suffering violence, the denial of their fundamental rights and a lack of food. In these days, the situation is exploding as I’m sure you know from the press and other means of communication.

In Colombia, this drama is being followed with special intensity. I myself witnessed the procession of sorely-tried people who crossed the border to reach the city of Cucuta in the hope of finding a plate of hot food and a few basic provisions, which at this moment are completely lacking in Venezuela. Almost all the airlines that service the country have suspended their flights there due to the hazardous situation.

Our sisters and all the members of the Pauline Family in Venezuela are living this moment with great faith and courage, offering the people the comfort of their presence and Christian solidarity, seeking to disseminate hope in a time of profound desolation and sorrow.

Let us remember once again that Fr. Alberione had the Queen of Apostles Sanctuary built in Rome to fulfill a vow he made to Mary during World War II, asking her to watch over and protect the Pauline Family from peril in every part of the world.

Now is the moment to renew this heartfelt plea, to reconfirm this vow all together, praying insistently to the Queen of Apostles to protect the people of Venezuela and the members of our Family there. Through her intercession, “may there be an end to violence and may a peaceful and democratic resolution to this crisis be found,” as Pope Francis has prayed many times.

United in prayer and fraternal solicitude, I send you my warm and very affectionate best wishes.

Sr. Anna Maria Parenzan
       Superior General