Easter 2023

Letter of Sr. Anna Caiazza, Superior General


Dearest Sisters and young women in formation,

With great joy and renewed awe I greet you with the proclamation that grounds our faith, sustains our hope, and motivates our love: Christ is risen! He is truly risen! This proclamation makes us race ahead and gives wings to our heart…because it is impossible to contain the “fire” that burns within us.

The evangelist John also speaks about “racing ahead” (cf. Jn. 20:1-9), an almost “visual” description of the state of mind of Simon Peter and the other disciple as they spring into action to try to quickly reach a tomb that they will find empty, uninhabited, because God dwells elsewhere: he dwells in life.
“They ran together,” John writes, because one never arrives at the resurrection alone…. The younger and faster disciple arrives first, bends down to look inside the tomb, but remains at its threshold, waiting for Simon Peter. Love is always in a hurry but it also knows how to wait and show respect…
The two disciples see the signs of burial, but it is their faith in the Word of the Lord and in his love that will introduce them to the resurrection. The same is true for us and for disciples of all times, enveloped in the breath of the Risen One, in the power of his Spirit that makes us see and work for a new world in which evil does not triumph, in which the wounds of life can be healed and generate healing.

Yes, sisters, Christ is risen! He is truly risen! And we along with him! May this joyful news pass from mouth to mouth in our communities today. May each one repeat it first of all to the person next to her, who shares her daily life with all its joys and labors. May we welcome the news from each other with the buoyant spirit communicated to us by the resurrection narrative, illuminated by the discretion that accompanies the race of the disciples and overcomes their doubts, hesitations and bewilderment.
And like those first witnesses, let us also help others–the multitude of sisters and brothers to whom we are sent through our many apostolic activities–to understand that Life has conquered death forever, that the breath of the Living One continues to nourish the breath of the world, that each day is an unfolding miracle, that even now the adventure of living has the imprint of eternity.

May the Lord make it possible for us to live as risen people, so as to bring the light of the Risen One to the world:
A ray of light that dispels the darkness. A ray of light from the Tabernacle. A ray of light from the Gospel. “I am the light of the world,” says Jesus. “You are the light of the world. So let your light shine!” God’s light is expressed in truth, goodness and grace. A radiant Easter! (Fr. Alberione)

We ask that this Easter light be poured out in a special way on our sisters the Pious Disciples and the Pastorelles, who are preparing to celebrate their General Chapters.
And we ask that these best wishes for a radiant Easter reach all of you, your families, the members of the Pauline Family, and all our lay collaborators, friends and benefactors.

With great affection, in communion of joy and hope,

Sr. Anna Caiazza
and the Sisters of the General Government