Christmas greetings from the General Government


Dearest Sisters and young women in formation,

In this “first Christmas” of our government, we want to contemplate and adore with you the mystery encapsulated in the birth of Jesus: “And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us” (Jn. 1:14).

Christmas is the story of a God who puts his glory in a child, who hides in the “flesh” of humanity, his dwelling place, until the end of time. “He, the Creator of the universe, lowers himself to take up our littleness” (Admirabile Signum, 3). He reconciles us with our frailty, transforming our limitations, when we accept them, into a “place” of love, communion and mutual mercy. He asks us to “take care of him” by bending over the little ones and the excluded, by honoring the marginalized.

Adoring the mystery of the Incarnation, let us accept the invitation of our Founder to pause before the “teacher’s desk” of the manger, so as to learn the lesson of love:

In spirit, let us enter the grotto of Bethlehem, where Jesus teaches his first lessons–the lesson of extreme poverty and the lesson of love. What was it that drew the Son of God to earth, to clothe himself in human flesh and dwell with humanity? It was love…

And “drawn by the humility of the One who became a human being in order to encounter every human being” (AS 1), let us arise and set out, seeking–in all things and above all things–“the glory of God and peace to everyone” because all else will be given us as well.

A Blessed Christmas to you, dear sisters, and our thanks for the gift that you are to us.

Please extend our best wishes to our lay collaborators and Cooperators, whom we want to thank for sharing in our apostolic service and for their dedication to the proclamation of the Gospel in every part of the world.

With great affection from all of us