Arezzo: Two Days Dedicated to the Word


The FSP community of Arezzo organized two special days around the Word of God: 13 March in their book center, and 14 March in a local parish. The theme of the book center encounter was Exodus, as an event and as a book. Three names, all female, gave color and warmth to the evening. The first was Dr. Daniela Argento, a philosopher and Pauline Cooperator, who moderated the evening and presented the book Exodus by Michelangelo Priotto, published by the Daughters of St. Paul. The second two were FSP biblical scholars: Sr Emma Min and Sr Francesca Pratillo. Sr. Emma commented with enthusiasm on chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Exodus, highlighting God’s providence in the female figures who saved Moses, while Sr. Francesca spoke about his difficult journey from the desert to Mount Horeb. All the talks aroused much interest among the participants, who then shared their ideas and insights on the subject.

The next day, our sisters of Arezzo set out for Levane parish, which had begged them to hold a conference on the biblical icon of Martha and Mary. This “Bethany evening” consisted of two moments: the first characterized by an attentive exegetical reading of the biblical text and the second by a profound and prayerful sharing session to which all the participants contributed. Despite the hard work involved in organizing and holding this 2-day project centered on the Word of God, our sisters say that both events filled them with great joy and that their community experienced the help of the Lord every step of the way.