Christian Persecution on the Rise Throughout the World


Today over 215 million Christians throughout the world suffer persecution for the Faith. Heading the list of oppressor-nations is North Korea, while Pakistan has the distinction of being the world’s most violent anti-Christian country, and India is experiencing a rise in Hindu radicalism. This information is part of the 2018 Report published by the Open Doors Organization, which each year, on the basis of about 100 countries surveyed, draws up a “black list” of the nations in which Christians are oppressed, discriminated against, suffer abuse and violence to the point of being killed, and are conditioned in both private and public life–all because of their religious beliefs.

And the number of persecuted Christians is growing: in fact, 1 Christian out of 12 throughout the world is the victim of violence or abuse. According to the Report, over 15,500 Christian churches, homes and shops were attacked between November 2016 and October 2017. This data gives us an idea of anti-Christian sentiments throughout the world.